Viral Cellworks Pvt. Ltd.

Viral Cellworks Pvt. Ltd. is a telecom Infrastructure provider Company. We provide services to Telecom Company for Construction of MSC facility, site acquisition and obtaining NOC from government and semi-government authorities for installation of mobile towers. An in-depth knowledge about geography, culture and community enable us to provide end-to-end solution and services.

We are the first in industries who have received ISO9001-2000 QMS certification.

We are in the field of site acquisition and Liasioning from April 2000. We are recognized for our ability to complete challenging task within desired time limit at any cost and expense.


To provide built to suit MSC facility for hassle-free operations

To provide excellent and speedy Liasioning services for site acquisition and obtaining NOC.

We aim to be a highly Performance, Quality and Satisfaction oriented Consultancy firm.

To ensure high quality of service in a fast developing time requires dedicated continuous effort. With VIRAL CELLWORKS PRIVATE LIMITED you will get high quality of service within desired time.

Construction of MSC Facility

VIRAL CELLWORKS PRIVATE LIMITED is specialized in building built-to-suit MSC facility as per requirement of our customer.

  • Identifying most suitable location for building of the premises.
  • Providing optimum design for hassle-free day-to-day operations.
  • Speedy construction considering critical application and strict deadlines. Stepwise approach for facilitating parallel installation with construction thus reducing overall time require for completion of project.
  • Flexible design to meet customer requirements.
  • Heavy R.C.C design to suit load requirement of equipments, Battery Bank, Tower etc.
  • Additional facilities such as Pantry, recreation room, storage, security room etc.
  • Attractive elevation design to suit corporate standards.
Site Aquisition

VIRAL CELLWORKS PRIVATE LIMITED is actively involved in site acquisition. Our extensive negotiation experience ensures favorable terms for our customers.

  • Identifying optimal location for sites.
  • Negotiating lease terms that are most favorable to our clients and lease management.
  • Site Acquisition agents interface with the engineer and construction managers to ensure that each site is the best site from a speed, cost, and design and construction perspective.
  • Reports for each candidate which contains photos, narrative explanations of acquisition terms and site findings, preliminary latitude, longitude and ground elevation of the site, locations of power, access and a field sketch of the proposed site arrangement.
Obtaining NOC

VIRAL CELLWORKS PRIVATE LIMITED has highly qualified real estate professional performing site permitting.

  • Apply for NOC by collecting documents from client.
  • Examination for compatibility with local construction codes.
  • Maintaining contact with local officials throughout approval process.
Verification of Legal Documents & Prepration of Agreement

  • Scrutinize the title deeds produce by the owner.
  • If any documents are lacking to complete the chain of the title than coordinate with owner to complete the same.
  • Issue of Title clearance certificate.
  • Preparation of agreement as per company format.
Our Focus

  • Meeting client's assignment criteria.
  • Providing ease of construction by selecting best location for sites.
  • The impact of the lease to the construction cost.
  • Providing convenient access and utility service.
  • Efficient and systematic approach.
  • Imposing the least amount of liability to our clients.
  • Considering any environmental concerns.
Clients Benefits

Customer Satisfaction is the purpose of our mission. It is the end product that will enable VIRAL CELLWORKS PRIVATE LIMITED to represent the future of Communication throughout India.

By Partnering with Viral CellWorks, your organization will realize the following benefits :

Teaming Partner

Through our vast project experience, knowledge base and best practices, we can conduct acquisition and leasing feasibility studies for upcoming projects, as we as being your trusted partner in the implementation process.

Deployment Speed

VIRAL CELLWORKS PRIVATE LIMITED has a proven history of achieving acquisition goals that will assist the customers’ development timeline.

Project Security

We offer "Single Point of Contact", a strong partner standing behind its work, now and in the future. VIRAL CELLWORKS PRIVATE LIMITED history is one of stability, security and success.

Risk Mitigation

We plan first to overcome risks and obstacles, then we execute. Many others plan to execute, and are surprised by the obstacles. We believe that surprise is an element that contradicts customer satisfaction!


  • Acquire and obtain NOC for 175 sites of Idea Cellular Limited in Gujarat.
  • Acquire and obtain NOC for 166 sites of Bharti Airtel Limited in Gujarat.
  • Acquire and obtain NOC for 103 sites of Tata Teleservices Limited in Gujarat.
  • Acquire and obtain NOC for 400 site of Wireless TT Info Services Limited.
  • Acquire and obtain NOC for 116 sites of Quipo Telecom Infrastructure Limited in Gujarat.
  • Acquire and obtain NOC for 64 sites of Reliance Infocomm Limited in Gujarat.
  • Acquire and obtain NOC for 45 sites of Fascel Limited in Gujarat.
  • Acquire and obtain NOC for three sites of BSNL in Gujarat.
  • Acquire and obtain NOC for 37 sites of GTL Infrastructure Limited in Gujarat.
  • Acquire and obtain NOC for 30 sites of Indus Towers Limited in Gujarat.
  • Acquire and obtain NOC for 6 sites of Independent Mobile Infrastructure Ltd. in Gujarat.
  • Acquire and obtain NOC for 50 sites of Wireless TT Info Services Limited in Rajasthan.