Viral Warehouse

World-Class Agro Commodity Storage & Services Now at Rajkot, Gujarat

If you – as a large-scale player of agro commodity and processing sector – are looking for a world-class storage and services and services infrastructure in Gujarat, your quest comes to an end now.
Gujarat has been a growth engine of entire nation in the industrial arena, and now the state has also been proving it’s might in the agricultural field. With innovative approaches and exponential, continual progression in agricultural production and processing, Gujarat is rapidly emerging as a new agro processing hub of the nation. Not surprisingly, global players of agro commodities are setting their eyes on Gujarat.

Responding to their need of a truly world-class storage and services, we at Viral Group have set up a state-of-the-art agro commodity storage facility near Rajkot, Which also offers a whole gamut of related services.

Viral Warehouse is fully equipped to serve you as a truly reliable storage and logistics partner of your agro business.

Strategically located at Kuvadava, near Rajkot, at the center of the pulsating agro producing and marketing hub of the state, Viral Warehouse has a storage capacity of 9500 MT. Built and equipped with latest technology, the temperate controlled warehouse has all that is required for a dependable storage as well as efficient handling and preservation of precious agro commodities.

Our Aim :
  • Serving the global players of agro commodities with a truly world-class agro warehouse
  • Providing whole range of related professional services like insurance, testing, certification and commodity finance under one roof
  • Setting up an integrated agriculture supply chain and act as a dependable partner for farmers and other stakeholders by helping them achieve maximum return of their investment
Our Vision :
  • Developing a global, integrated infrastructure for agro commodity storage and allied services.

Services Offered

With a dedicated team of professionals and skilled manpower, Viral Agro Warehouse offers reliable and efficient storage facilities, as well as all the related services like :

  • Storage and Preservation – Chain of Warehouses
  • Insurance Services
  • Fumigation Services
  • Commodity Funding
  • Collateral Management
  • Testing & Certification
  • Commodity Procurement and Trading

  • Collateral Management
  • Newly developed infrastructure with world-class facilities
  • Pre-Engineered building, developed by a renowned engineering firm
  • A state-of-the-art weighbridge
  • Insulated wall and ceilings with radiant heat reflector to regulate inside temperature, as well as moisture control arrangements
  • Turbo ventilators and Gate Curtains to prevent rodent & bird entry
  • Reliable water and power supply with generator backup, competent fire safety with a underground water tank with 1 lakh liter capacity
  • Advanced security arrangements with CCTV Camera and other latest gizmos
  • SMS alert for stock inward/outward and weekly stock statements
  • Ample space for easy movements of the vehicles
  • Facilities like drinking water and washroom for logistics personnel
Viral agro Warehouse is not only about the storage of agro products. It is a thoughtful, well planned and well executed approach towards bringing a revolution in the way agro commodities are stored, preserved and handled.
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